Track Information

Summit Point Then...

The first race at Summit Point Motorsports was held in the fall of 1969 on the Summit Point Circuit. Throughout the years, we have hosted many professional series and professional drivers. Several celebrities have raced at Summit Point including Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. The track was purchased by World Champion racer Bill Scott in 1979 and additions were made to enhance the motorsports offering. The Jefferson Circuit was added in 1996, the Shenandoah Circuit was added in 2005, along with an off-road course and autocross pads. The facility was expanded to become a training ground for various Federal agencies and other security organizations.

... And Now!

In 2019, Summit Point was purchased by Xator Corporation. In 2022, Xator Corporation was purchased and the former owners of Xator retained control of the facility.  Now our  commitment to motorsports at Summit Point is stronger than ever! Summit Point has evolved with the times and is even featured in the driving simulation game iRacing. In addition to our internal driving programs, each year over 40 organizations host events at Summit Point. Annually over 30,000 visitors come to Summit Point Motorsports Park. There is something for everyone at Summit Point!