My Track Time

My Track Time  is an introductory 2-hour program, that is perfect for your first on-track experience.

For this lead/follow event, you'll start out in the classroom and hear the basics of on-track driving with tips from a guest motorsports professional.

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My Track Time is the perfect way for an inexperienced driver to experience driving on a road racing circuit.

Take your vehicle on the historic Summit Point Circuit in this lead follow event.

Only a valid driver's license is required. No helmet necessary!

Get Tips from a motorsports professional and classroom instruction from drivers with years of experience.

Event Dates

June 8 & 9, 2022
July 6 & 7, 2022
August 10 & 11, 2022
September 13 & 14, 2022

October 5 & 6, 2022

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